EUS Needles

Injection Needle

The Micro-Techinjection needle is an innovative, yet economical choice for many endoscopic applications. Whether using saline or Gelofusine our large choice of needle gauge will ensure a seamless procedure. Our Luer-lock, spring-loaded ratchet return handle allows one handed operation, while protecting against scope damage and dangerous needle stick incidents. Additionally, the distal end of sheath has a metal hub, to ensure smooth penetration of biopsy valve cap, and to eliminate kink. Our unique needle protection coil eliminates the chance of the needle piercing the plastic sheath upon scope travel.

 Product code Description length cm
IN02-224232302 sclerotherapy needle 22g x 4mm spring return (box 10) 230
IN02-234232302 sclerotherapy needle 23g x 4mm spring return (box 10) 230
IN02-254232302 sclerotherapy needle 25g x 4mm spring return (box 10) 230
IN02-255232302 sclerotherapy needle 25g x 5mm spring return (box 10) 230
IN02-256232302 sclerotherapy needle 25g x 6mm spring return (box 10) 230

MAY 2018 Product Updated to provide sharper bevelled needle.